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Trapani is a district capital in the West of Sicily. In its whole area are located some of the most beautiful and diverse places of Sicily: the sea of Zingaro Nature Reserve and Egadi islands, the wonderful mountain village of Erice, the archaeological sites of Selinunte and Segesta, the cities of Marsala and Mazara, famous for their food and wine delicacies.


Trapani is commonly called “The city between two seas”. From the Tower of Ligny, in the westernmost point of the city, you can see a cliff that divides the Mediterranean and the Tyrrhenian seas.


Trapani is also “The city of salt and sail”. Salt mining and trade are, indeed, part of the city’s economy: along the road that leads from Trapani to Marsala, you will admire the saltworks with their distinctive windmills, a symbol of the beautiful Lagoon of Stagnone.

During the last decade the city became more and more prominent in the sailing world. In 2005 it hosted the America’s Cup, an internationally renowned sailing competition.


While a quite city during the day, Trapani has an active nightlife expecially in the gorgeous old town. It is characterised by stone-paved streets, narrow alleys, beautiful churches and historical palaces.

In the very old town, on Good Friday, the “Processione dei Misteri” takes place: it is an Easter Passion Play famous beacuse it lasts 24 hours. This is a suggestive show expecially by night, when everything is illuminated by candlelight.


Last but not least, Trapani has lots of stunning beaches: both rocky and sandy, all of them overlook a crystal-clear sea.

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