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Why Sicily Travelling

Sicily Travelling – the feeling of when a local makes you feel at home. From art, food, hotels, beaches, to drinks; everything you experience will be Sicilian made. We are a unique business just starting out trying bring another type of travel to the surface. Not only do we promote tourism, but we also market the entire territory, from the matchless culture, to the classical products, this is the task of Sicily Travelling, Destination Management Company (DMC).
We work in collaboration with tour operators in both the public and private sectors. Although, our business is also closely connected with the native community, because we believe in a type of tourism that helps both the locals and travelers enrich their lives, hence the name Hospitality For Culture.
Sicily Travelling incorporates brand management, promotion, and publicity of the entire territory as an integrated system of values and activities, participating in marketing initiatives in different markets, and external relations. The Director of the company is Sicilian and knows Sicily in every detail. He advises and arranges the best tours exploring traditional villages, viewing national art, and experiencing local culture.
Our business model is based on four strong cultural values. The first being genuine quality, which refers to the authenticity of our business. The second model, special discounts, an opportunity to visit Sicily without hurting your budget. Thirdly, complete packages, the chance to experience more than just tourism. And last, individual assistance because we help with anything and everything, giving meaning to what hospitality truly means.  Each of our business models is designed to reflect these four points of strength because we do not just sell tourist services, we offer more.
Sharing part of the heart, the culture, and the whole package is what Sicily Travelling stands for. After all, why sell travel, unless you can give those special experiences as well.

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