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Aeolian Islands

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Aeolian Islands

Born from the fire and from the wind, come the Aeolian islands: Stromboli, Panarea, Salina, Lipari, Vulcano, Alicuti and Filicuti.

These cups, which emerge from the white seam, amid the sulphur puffs on Vulcano, are full of fish that swim in clear water.

Among the color nuances, which cannot be found  anywhere else, there is the purple color of the heath in Alicudi, the green of the bush in Lipari, the yellow color of genista in Filicudi and Panarea, and the red color of the fire in Stromboli. On these lands nothing is common: from the thermal waters of San Calogero in Lipari, which prides itself of a splendid “Mycenean stove”, to the thermal “sulphur springs ” on Vulcano out of which, one will come out with velvet skin, to the sharp contrast of the black sand on Stromboli, with the bright green in Salina; land of  “capers” and of the sweet smelling “malmsey”. 

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