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  • Marzamemi
  • Beaches City

Marzamemi is a seafaring town in South-eastern Sicily. In summer, this gorgeous town  fills up with inhabitants of nearby cities and tourists from all around the world.

Its entire territory is a pedestrial area, so it will be a pleasure to peacefully walk around.



Marzamemi was originally a fishing village composed of fishermen’s houses. Thanks to its famous tuna fishery, the economy was mainly based on fishing and fish trade.

In 1752 a Church and the Palace of the Prince of Villadorata were built.


Places of interest

Both the Church and the palace, together with a most recently built church and the fishermen’s houses, overlook Piazza Regina Margherita: the square is really picturesque and in summer it is livened up by the lights of the restaurants and the vivacity of tourists.

Fish trade was favoured by two natural harbours, called La Fossa and La Balata. In particular, the second one is shaped like a small square and for this reason is popular among tourists and locals.

From the harbour you can see two islands: Isola Grande (“Big Island”) and Isola Piccola (“Small Island”); a private villa was built on the second one.


From Marzamemi  you can reach many famous destinations, like the beautiful cities of Noto, Syracuse, Ragusa, Modica, Vendicari Nature Reserve and the beach of Isola delle Correnti, where the Ionian Sea meets the Mediterranean.


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