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  • Siracusa
  • Hotel 4*
  • 80 - 300 € / night
  • Via M. Politi, 2

The 4-star Grand Hotel Villa Politi in Syracuse is located on one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in all of Sicily, the Latomia dei Cappuccini, with a fantastic view of the sea.

About two kilometers from the Grand Hotel Villa Politi there is also the beautiful and characteristic island of Ortigia, the medieval and Byzantine heart of Syracuse.

The Grand Hotel Villa Politi makes available to its honored guests:

  • as many as 100 rooms and suites of different types
  • the largest convention center in the city
  • the only hotel in the heart of Syracuse with a large outdoor pool
  • two bars
  • a lush park
  • two haute cuisine restaurants

Made by the Austrian noblewoman Maria Teresa Laudien in 1862, after meeting the man of her life, Salvatore Politi, a painter from Syracuse.

Villa Politi immediately becomes the leading hotel at international level for style and refinement.

Meeting place for Art, Culture, Politics, Nobility: Princes and Kings from all over Europe, D’Annunzio, Ojetti, Vergani, Sir Winston Churchill, up to Pope John Paul II, the President of the Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, the President of the Italian Council Matteo Renzi.

All the rooms of our rooms offer interiors furnished in the classic liberty style that combines well with the nineteenth-century elegance of the villa.

To satisfy the space requirements of our guests, the rooms of the Grand Hotel Villa Politi are divided into single, double, twin, triple, and suites.

The Grand Hotel Villa Politi is the only hotel with a large outdoor pool and ample parking.

From April to October, guests of the Grand Hotel Villa Politi can enjoy the Sicilian sun in our outdoor pool.

The area is also equipped with a bar and is surrounded by the greenery of our private park. All hotel services offered by the Grand Hotel Villa Politi are accompanied by highly qualified and professional staff.

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