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Marina di Ragusa

  • Marina di Ragusa
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Marina di Ragusa is the most popular seaside resort in southeast Sicily.

Visited every year by Italian and foreign tourists and appreciated for its beaches of golden and fine sand.

Its coastline is characterized by the presence of numerous accommodation facilities and entertainment venues.

As well as sandy beaches and wide, shallow waters, ideal for entertaining even the little ones.

Its geographical location in the south-eastern area of ​​Sicily, in the heart of the Val di Noto, rich in Baroque monuments, archaeological finds of ancient civilizations, beautiful landscapes and a fine wine and food tradition.

It is therefore possible to enjoy holidays by the sea, to visit places of artistic and cultural interest and to try the ancient flavors of Sicilian cuisine.


Marina di Ragusa was born as an old fishing village. It extends along the coast that goes from the Biddiemi stream to the Preriserva of the Irminio river.

Forwarding in its territory you will notice the ancient farms of the 800, today mostly disused, the characteristic dry stone walls.

Mazzarelli, original name of Marina di Ragusa, derives from the Arabic and means small landing place.

The current name is rather recent, in the Fascist era the hierarch Filippo Pennavaria decided to turn it into the current Marina di Ragusa.

Marina di Ragusa was formerly considered a safe harbor for all the boats that departed from Sicily to the channel of Malta that at the time was infested by the Corsairs of Barberia.

In fact, the boats coming from Trapani with a route to Malta, to avoid being a prey to the corsairs, skirted Sicily to Mazzarelli where they stopped for the night or pulled the boats to dryness in case of adverse conditions.

Even today in the toponymy of Marina di Ragusa there is an area called Trapanese Trap.

Mazzarelli’s economy, as for the other fishing villages of Ragusa and Syracuse, has always been based on fishing and tuna trade. Economic development changed radically at the end of the 19th century, when the first asphalt mines were born in Ragusa. After extraction it was transported to the Mazzarelli port and then exported. Today Mazzarelli bases its economy mainly on tourism.

In 2009 and 2010 it was awarded the Blue Flag of the Fee and again in 2010 with the Palme d’Or, it is ranked among the most popular beaches in Italy.

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